A privately-owned UK Energy Service Company (ESCO)

Jefferson & Bennett Ltd is a low-carbon energy business, using sustainable generation to supply cost effective and cleaner electricity and heat to urban communities.

We initiate, develop, finance and operate renewable energy projects throughout the UK by working closely with all key stakeholders, including local authorities, local community groups, planners, environmental groups and government departments, from a very early project stage.

Sustainable power generation

Sourcing and Developing

Secure and, where necessary, consent sites suitable for CHP Projects

Sustainable Energy Generation

We retain a meaningful ownership of the projects into operation


Install and operate high efficiency combined heating plants (CHP) with district heating (DH) distribution networks

Co-Developing Projects

Secure funding and implement energy development projects

Environmental Impact Reduction

We aim to deliver carbon saving opportunities to our suppliers and customers using proven technology

Community Wellbeing

Community Wellbeing agreements to provide funds for community groups

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

Price Certainty

Imagine if you could lock in price certainty with CHP and reduce your energy costs once and for all.

Jefferson & Bennett Ltd's Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is the simplest way to minimise your heat & electricity expenditure and let you focus on your business.

Long-term Relationship

With PPA the client signs a contract to purchase the heat and electricity generated by a CHP unit over a number of years.

Jefferson & Bennett Ltd will fund all the costs associated with the implementation of a CHP project. This means there is no capital outlay or risk for the client. It is also a faster route to scheme implementation and immediate savings with no continual maintenance and aftercare costs.

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Process Flow


Jefferson & Bennett Ltd will conduct an initial Assessment on your site to ascertain suitability for a CHP system. If a site looks viable Jefferson & Bennett Ltd will enter into an Option Agreement with you which allows us to conduct a more detailed Site Feasibility Study.


We will report back our findings and if we are able to offer a free CHP installation, we will include our Agreement which will require signing and returning to Jefferson & Bennett Ltd.

Once Jefferson & Bennett Ltd are in receipt of signed Agreement we will contact the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) for a grid connection application if necessary. We will also prepare and submit a Planning Application and consult with the local planning authority on all aspects of the application. Having received grid connection acceptance and planning permission, Jefferson & Bennett Ltd will book in your installation and order the materials/equipment required to complete the installation. Once the installation is complete the site is tested and connected to the National Grid (if necessary).


Following the connection, Jefferson & Bennett Ltd will continue to operate and maintain the CHP system for the duration of the contract. We monitor and evaluate performance remotely and can respond quickly should any malfunction occur. It is in our interest to ensure the CHP system is operating fully at all times.